Breathe, Relax And Be Still

Crystals For Serenity

Many crystals are believed to assist us in feeling more calm, peaceful, and serene. 

  • Agate: This soothing and calming stone is said to facilitate strength and grounding. It allows us to heal our emotions and overcome negativity.
  • Amethyst: This stone is said to be powerful and protective. It aids us in balancing our emotional highs and lows.
  • Ametrine: By clearing stress and removing tension in the head, this stone is believed to calm the mind and allow for enhanced focus during meditation. It is believed to work very fast.
  • Apatite: It is known to reduce the fatigue and irritability. It is said to be the stone for manifestation.
  • Aquamarine: This stone is believed to treat anxiety, allowing for peace and serenity to enter. It cultivates strength, creativity, and communication.
  • Azurite: This stone is said to shift fear into deeper self-understanding, removing stress and worry. It can shift sadness into lightness.
  • Bloodstone: By reducing irritability and improving patience, this stone is said to help calm the mind and allow for less indecision in important choices. It is believed to ground and protect.
  • Charoite: This stone is believed to effectively reduce stress and worry, replacing them with drive and vigor. 
  • Cherry Quartz: This beautiful form of quartz is said to replace anxiety with feelings of tranquility. 
  • Coral: The different types of coral are said to bring about different things, but all coral is said to assist in bringing inner peace and overall feelings of optimism. 
  • Fire Agate: By stabilizing and cleansing your aura with it, you are also repelling negative energies. It allows for a less chaotic state and overall more mellowness.
  • Garnet: This is a great stone to facilitate bringing serenity. 
  • Hematite: This is a protection stone that also enhances self-esteem and dissipates negativity. It is a great stone for grounding and cultivating courage.
  • Howlite: This stone is said to be like a sleeping aid. It removes insomnia and allows calmness to enter. 
  • Jade: This stone is a symbol for serenity and overall purity. It is believed to protect you from harm and bring you harmony. 
  • Labradorite: This stone allows calmness for intuition and psychic gifts to flourish. 
  • Larimar: By wearing or using this stone, you can allow for love and serenity to radiate. It is said to bring more playfulness and clarity.
  • Malachite: This stone is said to bring balance and harmony to the heart.
  • Moonstone: This stone is believed to bring balance to emotions. It allows for peace of mind and ease in self-reflection and intrapersonal work.
  • Obsidian: This powerful stone is said to be protective of negativity and allow us to grow and offer support. 
  • Pink Tourmaline: This stone is believed to attract love, heal emotional pain, and open the heart chakra. It can leave you feeling open and peaceful.
  • Topaz: This mellow stone can allow us to release doubt and come into a soothed and aligned state. 
  • Turquoise: This stone has been used for ages by indigenous people to promote tranquility and serenity. It allows the whole body to become balanced and healthy, free from disease.

All these crystals can be worn or used in meditation to allow for enhanced feelings of overall serenity. 

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