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How to Dress to Teach a Yoga Class

If you just received your certification to teach a yoga class, you’re about to enter into an entirely new yoga experience. Being at the front of the room during class time is a unique perspective that you will need to prepare for. The first thing you may need to consider is how you plan to dress in order to teach your first yoga class.

When you headed to the yoga studio as a student, you likely threw on any outfit that was comfortable for your practice. Comfort should still be a key consideration for your yoga outfit, but it isn’t likely to be the only thing you need to take into consideration. As a teacher, your appearance has to be professional and still allow you to move through the yoga sequence with your students.

How should you plan to dress if you have to teach a yoga class instead of simply attending one? Take a look at these suggestions while trying to find the perfect items in your closet.

High-Quality Yoga Leggings Are a Necessity

If you’ve ever wondered whether you could get away with wearing a low-quality pair of yoga leggings, this isn’t the time to make a desperate attempt. These are usually made of thin fabrics that are see-through when you bend over into a standing forward fold. That doesn’t present the most flattering view of a new instructor. Instead, you need to search for high-quality yoga leggings that are designed to last through a rigorous practice.


Look For Shirts That Will Stay Put During Inversions

Even the most basic beginner’s yoga class includes some gentle inversions like the bridge pose, the shoulder stand, or the downward facing dog. All of these postures have the potential to cause your shirt to ride up on your abdomen or to gape and expose your entire chest. You should be sure that your shirt is tight enough to stay put during inversions but not tight enough to restrict your movement. Be particularly mindful not to wear a shirt that is so low-cut that it will expose your chest in a distracting manner either.


Don’t Wear Distracting Accessories

Maybe your mala bead bracelets are an integral part of your personal practice, but you may not want to wear them while you’re teaching. Jewelry, particularly the kind that makes noise, should be left at home or in your yoga bag during class. The sounds can be distracting as you move throughout the classroom to help adjust the posture of your students. Not only that, but these pieces could also snag a student’s clothes while you help adjust his/her bodies.

When it comes to getting ready to teach a yoga class, you want to wear something that is going to inspire your confidence as a leader. Select an outfit that meets all of these attributes and still allows you to feel like the person you ultimately want to be. The right outfit with new and upcoming fashion trends can help you to feel more confident and prepared to teach a class full of yogis.

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