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Three Reasons Shredded Clothes May Be The New Yoga Trend



A new and rather unusual trend is starting to show up on yoga mats across the country. More and more yogis are arriving at their yoga class, dressed in articles of clothing that appear to be pre-shredded by apparel manufacturers. While many yogis are still holding on to the polished appearance of an ensemble composed of yoga leggings and flowing tunic tank tops, shredded clothes may become the next big thing.

Why is this suddenly such a big deal and how can yogis benefit from shredded clothing? Take a look at these reasons why this item seems to be rising in popularity.


Shredded Clothing Is Cooler 

Many yogis who would ordinarily strip off their workout tops in favor of just a sports bra during a hot yoga class are starting to prefer the modesty offered with shredded clothing. Because tops are torn or shredded across the back or down the sides, there is a lot more air flow which is extremely beneficial for a hot practice.

If you’re self-conscious about the way your body looks in just a sports bra, a shredded yoga top can help you to keep cool while still being comfortable with your overall appearance. The same can go for yogis who prefer long pants to shorts. Shredded yoga leggings or joggers can keep your bottom half cool without the exposure of shorts.


Shredded Clothing Gives An Edgier Vibe

While it’s true that yoga promotes peace and well-being to all people who enjoy the practice, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your style has to be wholesome and pristine. Many yogis prefer an edgy or alternative style that doesn’t lend itself quite as well to a pair of traditional yoga leggings or workout tops.

Shredded clothing offers a vibe that is more reminiscent of the streets and a far more casual appearance. It may suit the personality and lifestyle of some yogis far better than the traditional garb.


Shredded Clothing Can Transition Through The Seasons 

If you’re going to purchase clothing to add to your wardrobe, chances are you want it to withstand the test of time. One of the main benefits of shredded clothing is that it can effortlessly transition from spring to summer to winter with only minor adjustments.

A shredded top or sweatshirt may need a long sleeve shirt or tank top underneath to keep out the chill in the winter. A pair of shredded yoga pants could benefit from a couple of colorful compression pants underneath. Yogis have the option of adding several light layers over or under their shredded clothing to protect muscles from the cold when winter rolls around.

On the other hand, summer is easy enough with these versatile pieces because they can breathe easily in the sweltering heat.



If you’ve been looking to add a few new pieces to your yoga wardrobe, you won’t want to miss out on this growing trend. Don’t waste time and take a look around for popular pieces inspired by the shredded clothing trend today.

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