Breathe, Relax And Be Still

Yoga for a Calm Mind

There are a lot of benefits to practicing yoga. It is a great way to add activity to your day, improve flexibility, and build strength. These are some of the physical benefits of yoga, but today let’s take a look at poses that are going to help your mental health as well. Being calm comes from a number of things; first being grounded, second being still, and finally being present. Here are some poses that can help you achieve these states, summing up to help you enjoy a calm mind.

Being Grounded

Grounding is the feeling of being part of the Earth. This grounding lets you pull energy from the Earth, and remove negative energy by letting the Earth take it away. It is a very common idea within the yoga community, and while not to be taken literally, it is a great visualization. Grounding is part of almost all poses, as your balance and energy for all poses come from grounding. Mountain pose is an example of a pose that focuses almost exclusively on grounding. The visualization of grounding lets you clear your mind, calming your adrenal systems, and relaxing your body.

Being Still

A mind that isn’t calm is going to be looking for ways to react. This can be exhausting for your mind and body. Taking some time to just be still can help you get your mind into a calm state. Poses that focus on balance are going to help you the most with being still. It allows your busy mind to be focused on your keeping your balance, letting you be calm. You will find that poses that rely on balance can be very dependent on your skill level. To start building your balance, begin with a Tree pose. As this becomes easier you can expand onto a Bent Tree, or even up to a Half Lotus pose.

Being Present

Poses that help you be present in the moment rely on being difficult to hold. This effort makes you focus on the pose, and can help release tension that comes from being agitated. Depending on where you are in your practice, you may need to modify these poses, either to make them more difficult or to make them easier. The Plank pose is a great pose to increase your presence. You can make it easier by staying on your knees, instead of coming up to your toes. If you can hold a Plank pose for a minute or more, you may need something more challenging. Try doing a Plank pose with just one foot on the ground, or a side Plank pose, to make this suit your yoga experience.

To calm your mind you want to be grounded, still, and present. There are a number of different poses that can help you do that; however, here is a place to start. Mountain pose is going to be a great pose to ground you, Tree pose is a great way to work on being still, and Plank pose is a good start to help you be present. As you continue your practice you are sure to find modifications to work the best to calm you.

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